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  1. VG985.200 Carbon monoxide and density detector

    Carbon monoxide and density detector.
    Detection of toxic or harmful gases.
    Error: <± 5%
    Response time: <30seconds
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    (Incl. Tax: €181.78)
  2. VG985-201 Oxygen saturation detector (O2) with acoustic/optical alarm

    Oxygen saturation detector (O2) with acoustic/optical alarm.
    Applications and uses in workplaces, vehicles, etc.
    O2 measurement in minerals - O2 density in high mountains
    Measuring range: 0-25%(vol)
    Error: ±0.5%
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    (Incl. Tax: €276.94)
  3. VG985.203 Gas Leak Detector - with Acoustic/Optical Alarm

    Gas leak detector - with Acoustic/Optical alarm.
    Error: ±2%
    Response time: <3 seconds
    Temperature: -5°C/50°C
    Humidity: <90%RH
    Measuring ranges: 0:10.000ppm
    Resolution: 1ppm-0.1%
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    (Incl. Tax: €209.84)
  4. PCE Intruments Triple Plus + BASE - Gas detector for quick on-site measurements or extended measurements

    The accuracy of the measurement, the solid construction, the measured value memory and the software make this gas detector a must-have for daily use in work or industry. The gas detector shows the current measured value in the display, alerting the user through optical and acoustic alarms.

    - High-strength TRIAX structure
    - Suitable for industrial environments
    - Audible and visual alarm
    - Battery operation
    - Shoulder strap included
    - Large display with indication for 4 gases
    - Easy calibration
    - Memory for 6000 values/parameters
    - All possible sensor combinations available
    - Also suitable for long-term measurements

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    (Incl. Tax: €2,211.74)
  5. PCE Intruments PCE-910 Misuratore di pressione per liquidi ed aria con interfaccia RS-232 e software opzionale

    Il misuratore di pressione digitale PCE-910, progettato anche per condizioni difficili, offre alta precisione, affidabilità e velocità grazie al controllo a microprocessore. Resistente a polvere e schizzi, con protezione in silicone, è ideale per impianti idraulici o pneumatici. Consegnato calibrato, è disponibile con certificazione ISO per l'integrazione nella strumentazione di controllo aziendale secondo le normative.

    - Selezione dell'unità di misura della pressione
    - Indicatore di sovrappressione, pressione negativa o pressione differenziale
    - Funzione Min, Max, e Data Hold
    - Interfaccia RS-232
    - Per aria e tutti i gas e liquidi non corrosivi
    - Display LCD da 15 mm
    - Connettori per i tubi di acciaio inox e tubi in silicone inclusi nella spedizione

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    (Incl. Tax: €324.40)
  6. PCE Intruments PCE-PCO 2 Air temperature, dew point and relative humidity meter with camera for image and video recording

    The PCE-PCO 2 thermo-hygrometer can be used in various areas. The device can be used as a thermo-hygrometer and as a mass concentration meter. The thermo-hygrometer is used in environments where suspended particles can be harmful to health. For example, contamination caused by combustion, energy production, vehicle emissions and industrial contamination.
    - Captures 6 particle sizes
    - Measures air temperature, dew point and relative humidity
    - 2.8" TFT full-color LCD screen
    - Built-in camera for image and video recording
    - Cumulative, differential and concentration particle counting modes
    - Stores up to 5,000 data sets to memory
    - Power-saving automatic shutdown feature
    - PM channels: PM 2.5, PM 10, including mass concentration mode (µg/m³)
    - Free software download on PCE Software web page
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,408.98)
  7. PCE Intruments PCE-WMM 50 Gas Test Instrument for CO2 with 2 configurable alarm thresholds and 4-digit digital display

    The PCE-WMM 50 CO2 gas transducer is an economical device with an integrated alarm for detecting carbon dioxide (CO2), ideal for protecting against colourless and odourless gases that are hazardous to health. It is mainly used in sectors such as the food industry, metallurgy, chemistry and waste management. Consisting of two parts, the transducer is placed in the hazardous areas, while the control unit is located outside. The system offers two adjustable alarm levels and triggers an optical and acoustic warning when the measured value exceeds a preset threshold.

    - Detection of carbon dioxide (CO2)
    - 2 configurable alarm thresholds
    - 4 digit digital display
    - Steady visual control option
    - Potential-free change-over contact
    - Integrated alarm 
    - Easy mounting on wall
    - Three system-components
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    (Incl. Tax: €596.46)
  8. PCE Intruments PCE-CPC 100 Fixed installation particle sampler for clean rooms

    The particle sampler accurately measures particles in the range of 0.3 to 10 μm in real time, providing a comprehensive overview of air pollution. Results can be displayed in particles per 28.3 litres or per cubic metre. It uses an internal pump to sample the air and a laser sensor to detect the light scattering caused by the particles. This scattering is converted into electrical pulses proportional to particle size, allowing for an accurate assessment of air quality.
    - Real-time measurement from 0.3 μm ... 10 μm
    - Output in particles/28.3L or particles/m³
    - Visual and audible alarm when threshold value is exceeded
    - Modbus RTU and MQTT via RS485
    - Real-time display of cleanroom class ISO 14644-1
    - Robust housing for wall mounting
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    (Incl. Tax: €5,671.66)
  9. PCE Intruments PCE-LDC 20 Ultrasonic leak gas detector for gas pressure systems

    The industrial stethoscope is an effective solution for detecting and assessing leaks in compressed air and non-explosive gas systems, thanks to ultrasonic detection and the included software for analysis. Compressed air leaks increase energy costs, but early detection can result in savings of up to 30%. This device converts inaudible ultrasonic sounds via high-quality electroacoustics, allowing the user to detect even leaks inaudible to the human ear, via wireless or wired headphones.

    - Leak detection
    - Leakage assessment
    - Various attachments
    - Battery-operated handheld device
    - Colour touch display
    - Wireless headphones
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    (Incl. Tax: €6,093.78)
  10. PCE Intruments PCE-WS P Anemometer - Wind Speed Sensor from 3 to 180Km/h with pulse output

    The Wind Speed Meter / Wind Speed Sensor impresses with its compact design and various output signals. Can be used for applications in warning technology, building automation and home technology. Depending on the Anemometer, a 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V, Modbus or pulse output is available. It is designed as a star, so that operation independent of the wind direction is guaranteed.
    - Robust PA plastic housing
    - IP 65 protection 
    - mA, V, pulse or Modbus output
    - Long lifetime
    - Direct measurement of wind speed
    - Measurement from 2.62 ft/s, 0.8 m / s


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