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What is a jack? The jack is a piece of equipment that is primarily used for lifting purposes; it consists of a hydraulically and oil-driven cylinder that is operated by means of a lever to drive a hydraulic piston. The thrust of the oil inside lifts the mass vertically until the maximum piston stroke inside the cylinder is covered.

There are different types of jacks, the most common being hydraulic bottle jacks, which are mainly used by haulage contractors loading and unloading machine tools and by licensed installers of machinery and machine tools on site. Hydraulic bottle jacks have a high lifting capacity in order to lift loads with high mass.

The trolley jack, on the other hand, has wheels for moving and lifting loads in car workshops. The cylinder allows the load to be lifted by swinging around an axle. This lifting system and the use of wheels allows the jack to be used where heights are particularly low. Special extra flat trolley jacks designed for machinery or low and sporty vehicles are also available.

Vehicle handling trolleys make it easy to move damaged or stuck vehicles, allowing lateral movement and rotation on the spot.

Under-car garage trolleys allow you to work under cars and machinery in comfort; equipped with a padded headrest, grab handle, non-slip castors and practical side storage compartments.

Manual load carriers and drum trolleys are available for easy transport.

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  1. UNICRAFT 6211010 - Hydraulic bottle jack for professional use model HSWH 10 TOP - Capacity 10 tonnes

    - Tilting and swivelling column
    - Stable anti-tip base
    - Can also be used horizontally
    - Swivel lever, can be operated from any position
    - Removable double telescopic handle
    - Reinforced construction for increased durability
    - High-quality welding and screwing points
    - Chrome-plated piston and adjusting screws
    - Lifting height is increased by means of a special screw
    - Locking device protection prevents the piston from jamming
    - Safety valves prevent overloading of the cylinder and unexpected jamming
    - Built according to CE directives

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    Special Price €152.82 Regular Price €169.80
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