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Tadaah S.r.L. is a company based in the thriving and industrial Lombardy, more precisely in the Bergamo area, professionally recognized throughout the world for its skills in the mechanical and industrial sector. Created for the online sale of equipment, machinetools, hardware items, painting and much more, it differs from the classic e-commerce sites in that it provides a professional hot line service capable of sharing and recommending the right product to own customers.

We have highly qualified personnel with thirty years of experience in the machine tool sector, who can advise and direct the customer also in solving problems related to the dimensional control of the pieces by offering tools and machines for measuring, for solving problems related to chip removal, life of turning and milling tools, use of tool holders and spindles. Offer products for clamping workpieces, bar clamps for lathes, feed clamps for loaders or for machine tools, bushings and standard and special accessories, also made following your instructions or requests, with the aim of helping the customer get the best chip removal technology.

Our technical ability allows us to offer this service as we have a complete vision of the industrial activity, the purpose of which is not only the sale of the tool, spindle, correct equipment for machining the pieces for the mechanical and manufacturing industry, but above all we are also able to offer the customer a consultancy service on ordinary, extraordinary and scheduled maintenance, solutions on how to best manage all problems related to production, and train staff at a technical level. This service that seems trivial, however, is not obvious. Companies that have started a profound transformation through digitization and industry 4.0 know something about this, but who are faced with a lack of technical personnel to be trained to make the best use of the data made available by this new technology.

Dealing with this topic of innovation and digitization, Tadaah offers suppliers a showcase, a free space, and collaborative technical support by making the possibility of exhibiting their products available on the website This service, combined with our data collection, allows us to provide suppliers who wish to do so, with valuable useful information on their positioning on the market and a serious and objective evaluation of their products in terms of quality/price ratio.

We are easily able to deal with purchases and sales of CNC lathes with fixed head and sliding headstock, automatic multi-spindle cam lathes or fully CNC lathes. Offer a hot line service, theoretical maintenance courses, work cycles, drawing and profile tools, creation of dedicated and special tool holders, technical education courses on problem solving. We have the technical capacity for a complete turnkey service. This service has also been made possible thanks to companies which, by collaborating with us, make technical personnel available to make our offer possible and accessible.

In conclusion, as you have understood, Tadaah is more than an e-commerce and is able to offer all the tools, the necessary and the expertise you need and which is made completely available to you. There are therefore no conditions or limits that can limit your requests and start a fruitful collaboration with Tadaah. We have room for everyone whether they are customers or suppliers.


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Tadaah S.r.L.

Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II 91, 24030 Brembate di Sopra, Bergamo (Italy)


Tel: +39 0354378204

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