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Painting systems

Painting systems


Buyer's guide to painting products

Painting is the process by which a layer of paint is applied to a surface of metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc., with the aim of improving its appearance, protection, quality and durability. This process can be carried out through a wide range of painting systems such as accessories, automatic spray guns, HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray guns, HTE spray guns, accessory kits and spare parts for spray guns with needle, cap and nozzle, small MINI spray guns, professional spray guns, semi-professional spray guns, special spray guns, airbrushes, paint drying lamps, airless paint pumps, tanks...

The choice of the correct product to adequately and satisfactorily paint a surface depends very much on the simple answer we give to the most frequently asked questions.

The field of application, i.e. the work we are going to carry out according to our needs to which we are going to add the various accessories.

Type of work, the material, the surface, the thickness of which my article to be painted is made of, will allow me to choose the exact spray gun we are going to choose according to the fan, the product flow, the tank capacity, the best technology (standard HTE, or HVLP which allow me a better atomisation and a better speed of homogeneous distribution at low pressure.

Type indicates which tool and accessories are most suitable for my use. It allows me to optimise the choice of accessories to be used with the spray gun, which will practically be mounted on our spray gun and which normally consist of a needle, nozzle and cap that will allow me to have an optimal fan, distribution and homogeneity of the paint.

The nozzle diameter allows us to replace the different kits with the exact diameter and characteristics of the nozzles so that we can paint on different materials, thicknesses and more in an extremely practical and economical way.

Tadaah will be happy to guide you in choosing the most suitable item for your needs! 

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  1. FERM SGM1012 Multi-purpose paint spray gun 110W with 800 ml tank - Max. output 300 ml/min

    Multi-purpose spray gun complete with flexible extension, ideal for spraying ceilings.

    Suitable for water- and solvent-based paints, varnishes and dyes.

    The "clean-easy" system allows disassembly in seconds for easy cleaning.

    Adjustable spray outlet for better flow control.

    3 m long power cable.

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    (Incl. Tax: €79.81)
  2. UNICRAFT 6205001 - Infrared lamp for paint drying kW1, V230, temperature ° C 30-100, model ILT 1

    - Robust aluminium and stainless steel construction

    - High-quality quartz halogen tubes with short-wave infrared radiation

    - Dries paint from outside and inside, preventing the formation of bubbles

    - Temperature regulation from 30° to 100°

    - 360° rotatable lamp holder

    - Wheels mounted on bearings with parking brake

    - Built according to CE directives.

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    Special Price €344.52 Regular Price €400.60
    (Incl. Tax: €420.31)
  3. UNICRAFT 6205000 - Infrared paint drying lamp with hydraulic arm, V230, temperature °C 35-100, model ILT 3W

    - Stainless steel lamp with hydraulic arm

    - High-quality quartz halogen V Power 21" (50 cm) short-wave infrared tubes

    - Dries paint from outside and inside, preventing bubble formation

    - LED digital display with timer

    - Electronic temperature control from 30 °C to 100 °C

    - Each lamp can be switched on individually

    - Lamp holder can be rotated through 300°

    - Wheels mounted on bearings with parking brake

    - Built according to CE directives

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    Special Price €962.20 Regular Price €1,132.00
    (Incl. Tax: €1,173.88)
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