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  1. PCE Intruments PCE-WAM 10 Water activity and moisture analyser

    The analyser is a portable measuring instrument and indicates the amount of water biologically available to microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and the like. The water activity meter has a range of 0.01 to 1 aw with a high accuracy of ±0.03 aw. The measuring probe is magnetic and allows safe and light-protected measurements.

    - Measurement range: 0.01 ... 1 aw
    - Resolution: 0.01 aw
    - Accuracy: ±0.03 aw
    - Backlight LCD display
    - Includes sample trays
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,030.78)
  2. PCE Intruments PCE-DPM 10 Humidity Detector for pressure systems with battery-operated handheld device

    PCE Instruments' humidity detector reliably measures humidity and temperature in a measuring range of up to 15 bar. The instrument is versatile, with a sturdy and easy-to-handle structure, providing accurate results for air and various types of gases. The humidity detector's casing has been specifically designed for industrial applications.

    - Taupunkt Messbereich von -100 ... +50 °C
    - Druckbereich bis 15 bar Differenzdruck
    - Datenlogger für bis zu 100 Millionen Messwerte
    - Alarmgrenzen einstellbar.
    - Touch LC Display
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    (Incl. Tax: €4,732.26)
  3. PCE Intruments PCE-PCO 2 Air temperature, dew point and relative humidity meter with camera for image and video recording

    The PCE-PCO 2 thermo-hygrometer can be used in various areas. The device can be used as a thermo-hygrometer and as a mass concentration meter. The thermo-hygrometer is used in environments where suspended particles can be harmful to health. For example, contamination caused by combustion, energy production, vehicle emissions and industrial contamination.
    - Captures 6 particle sizes
    - Measures air temperature, dew point and relative humidity
    - 2.8" TFT full-color LCD screen
    - Built-in camera for image and video recording
    - Cumulative, differential and concentration particle counting modes
    - Stores up to 5,000 data sets to memory
    - Power-saving automatic shutdown feature
    - PM channels: PM 2.5, PM 10, including mass concentration mode (µg/m³)
    - Free software download on PCE Software web page
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,408.98)
  4. PCE Intruments PCE-WAT 10 Water activity and humidity analyser with 0.02aw accuracy and 0.01aw resolution

    The water activity analyser is a powerful instrument designed to assess moisture in various materials, with a measurement range from 0.00 to 1.00 aw. With its ability to store up to 99 measurement values, it offers high traceability and facilitates comparative analyses. This functionality promotes efficiency in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In addition, the included software allows real-time measurements and data transfer directly to the computer, optimising the process of analysis and information storage.

    - Measuring range 0.00 ... 1.00 aw
    - Resolution 0.01 aw
    - Accuracy ±0.02 aw
    - Memory for 99 measurements
    - Includes 5 x sample dishes
    - Backlit LC display
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,189.38)
  5. PCE Intruments PCE-EM 890 Environmental Meter for recording various environmental data

    The environmental meter is an instrument for measuring environmental conditions. The environmental tester gives you an accurate measurement very quickly. Due to the small dimensions and the low weight, this environmental measurer is an easy-to-use information system on the weather condition. It is possible to switch between the measuring functions with just one push of a button. Thus, this environmental meter is ideal for technicians, sailors, farmers and many other people who are dependent on the weather or whose activities are significantly influenced by the weather. 
    - Compact and robust construction
    - High precision
    - Very precise, smooth-running impeller
    - Easy to read digital display
    - Backlight
    - Interchangeable impeller
    - Max-Min measurement
    - 11 measurement functions in one device
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    (Incl. Tax: €390.28)
  6. PCE Intruments PCE-WMT 200 Bluetooth moisture meter with ram electrode - For 44 different types of wood

    When burning wood, it is important to know the wood moisture content. If the wood moisture content is too high during combustion, the water must first be heated and evaporated. This results in lower flame temperatures and smoldering gases. In addition, it can lead to incomplete combustion of the wood. In summary, too high a wood moisture content results in poor efficiency, pollutants and also odor emissions.
    - Temperature compensation up to 50°C / 122°F
    - 44 different types of wood
    - Ramming electrode with pairs of needles
    - Up to 150% moisture
    - Bluetooth 4.0 interface
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    (Incl. Tax: €670.88)
  7. PCE Intruments PCE-EM 880 Moisture meter with data memory - measuring range 0.00 ... 9.99 mg/m³

    The moisture meter is equipped with various sensors to determine HCHO, TVOC, ambient temperature and ambient humidity. This means that the air quality meter already covers a wide range of measurement tasks. The measuring range for the TVOC measurement is 0.00 … 9.99 mg/m³. With an accuracy of ±5% of the measuring range for HCHO and TVOC measurement, the air quality meter is the ideal measuring tool for indicative measurements.
    - Memory for 5000 measuring points
    - Measuring range 0.00 ... 9.99 mg/m³ (TVOC)
    - Easy operation by virtual keys
    - Battery and mains operation
    - Tripod mount for stationary use
    - Individually adjustable alarm limits
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    (Incl. Tax: €210.94)
  8. PCE Intruments PCE-GMM 10 Humidity Detector for 18 crops - Automatic temperature compensation

    The humidity detector is a compact moisture analyzer for up to 18 different cereals. This moisture analyzer is an important tool in mills, granaries or in processing industries of cereals and legumes. The grain moisture meter helps to protect against storage, processing or buying and selling the bulk material before spoiling, due to high humidity.
    - Small amount of sample
    - For 18 cereals
    - Adjustment option
    - Temperature compensation
    - Easy handling
    - Graphic display
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    (Incl. Tax: €312.20)
  9. PCE Intruments PCE-WM1 Metric-only measuring instrument used to determine relative humidity (% RH), absolute humidity (g/m³)

    PCE-WM1 is a multi-function humidity detector used to determine relative humidity (% RH), absolute humidity (g/m³), air temperature, dew-point temperature and surface temperature (°C). This Metric-only measuring instrument comes complete with an external sensor probe for taking the surface temperature of different materials.
    - Measures relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature
    - Calculates absolute humidity and dew-point temperature
    - Includes external sensor probe for taking surface temperature
    - Displays measurements in Metric units only
    - Features minimum, maximum, peak hold and non-linearity correction functions
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,244.28)
  10. PCE Intruments PCE-G1 Relative Humidity Meter PCE-G1 for relative humidity and temperature with a large display

    The relative humidity meter is intended for stationary measurement of relative humidity and temperature and direct display on a large display. This large display consists of a large monochrome display and is protected according to IP 54.

    - Ingress protection type: IP 54 rating
    - Large, easy-to-read 100 mm / 3.9 in tall LED digits
    - Temperature and relative humidity values are displayed every 2 seconds (in 2-second intervals)
    - Displays temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) only
    - Ready for wall mounting
    - Long life
    - Excellent readability
    - High accuracy

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    (Incl. Tax: €1,335.78)
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