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Water analysers

Water analysers are devices designed to measure and assess water quality in terms of various chemical, physical and biological parameters. These instruments are used in a variety of contexts, including environmental monitoring, drinking water quality control, wastewater treatment, industrial analysis and scientific research.

Some of the parameters commonly measured by a water analyser include:

pH: Indicates the acidity or basicity of water. A neutral pH is 7, while lower values indicate acidity and higher values indicate basicity.
Conductivity: Measures the ability of water to conduct electricity, which is affected by the presence of dissolved salts.
Dissolved oxygen: Indicates the amount of oxygen in the water, which is essential for sustaining aquatic life.
Temperature: The temperature of the water can influence various chemical and biological processes.
Total solids content: Measures the total amount of dissolved and suspended solids in the water.
Concentrations of specific chemicals: These can include nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates, heavy metals, organic contaminants, and other substances that can affect water quality.
Bacteria and microbes: Some water analysers may be equipped with sensors to detect the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms in the water.

The objective of these tools is to provide detailed information on the composition of water to ensure that it meets regulatory requirements or quality standards for specific purposes, such as human consumption or the aquatic environment.

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  1. PCE Intruments PCE-WAM 10 Water activity and moisture analyser

    The analyser is a portable measuring instrument and indicates the amount of water biologically available to microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and the like. The water activity meter has a range of 0.01 to 1 aw with a high accuracy of ±0.03 aw. The measuring probe is magnetic and allows safe and light-protected measurements.

    - Measurement range: 0.01 ... 1 aw
    - Resolution: 0.01 aw
    - Accuracy: ±0.03 aw
    - Backlight LCD display
    - Includes sample trays
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,030.78)
  2. PCE Intruments PCE-PHD-1-KIT1 Water analysis meter for pH, conductivity, salt, oxygen and temperature

    The water analysis meter PCE-PHD-1-KIT1 is a true all-rounder for checking water quality. The meter is used to control the water parameters pH, redox, conductivity, salinity, oxygen and is also very suitable for temperature measurement. A 2-point calibration and an automatic temperature compensation guarantees high accuracy even with highly fluctuating measuring temperatures. 

    - Real-time datalogger
    - SD memory card (1-16 GB)
    - The stored data is saved directly as an Excel file on the SD card (no software needed for evaluation)
    - RS-232 interface for online data transmission
    - Adjustable measuring rate
    - Incl. pH and conductivity electrode
    - Manual or automatic temperature compensation
    - BNC connector
    - REDOX Elektrode (optional)

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    (Incl. Tax: €716.02)
  3. PCE Intruments PCE-CP 30 Multi-parameter water analysis meter with automatic storage and Bluetooth interface

    The multiparametric water analyzer is an advanced device capable of determining 14 different parameters. The device automatically stores up to 256 measurement values, which can be transferred via Bluetooth to iOS, Android devices, or computers. The option to upload data to a free cloud allows convenient and versatile access from any location, expanding the potential applications of the analyzer.

    - Up to 13 selectable parameters
    - Bluetooth connection with app
    - Exchangeable and lockable cuvette
    - 503 nm / 570 nm / 620 nm LED
    - Automatic shutdown when inactive
    - Many different menu languages
    - Light detector: photodiode
    - Cuvette: 36 x ø 21 mm / 3.6 x ø 2.1 cm (10 ml)

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    (Incl. Tax: €487.88)
  4. PCE Intruments PCE-910 Misuratore di pressione per liquidi ed aria con interfaccia RS-232 e software opzionale

    Il misuratore di pressione digitale PCE-910, progettato anche per condizioni difficili, offre alta precisione, affidabilità e velocità grazie al controllo a microprocessore. Resistente a polvere e schizzi, con protezione in silicone, è ideale per impianti idraulici o pneumatici. Consegnato calibrato, è disponibile con certificazione ISO per l'integrazione nella strumentazione di controllo aziendale secondo le normative.

    - Selezione dell'unità di misura della pressione
    - Indicatore di sovrappressione, pressione negativa o pressione differenziale
    - Funzione Min, Max, e Data Hold
    - Interfaccia RS-232
    - Per aria e tutti i gas e liquidi non corrosivi
    - Display LCD da 15 mm
    - Connettori per i tubi di acciaio inox e tubi in silicone inclusi nella spedizione

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    (Incl. Tax: €324.40)
  5. PCE Intruments PH 228 High Accuracy pH Meter ± 0,002 pH + 2 digit with GLP Data Management

    The high-end pH meter offers precision and ease of use, featuring a high-resolution LCD screen for clear value display. BPL compliance is ensured through automatic data logging and traceable documentation, while pH, Redox, and temperature are measured using external sensors. Continuous measurement verification indicates the point within the calibration range with a color-coded bar, simplifying the assessment of measurement accuracy.

    - Fast, precise pH and temperature measurement
    - Redox measurement (with optional electrode)
    - GLP data management
    - Easy 2, 3, 4, and 5-point calibration
    - Calibration reminder
    - Permanent Measurement Verification (PMV)
    - Graphical display of measurement history
    - Data logger
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    (Incl. Tax: €669.66)
  6. PCE Intruments PCE-WAT 10 Water activity and humidity analyser with 0.02aw accuracy and 0.01aw resolution

    The water activity analyser is a powerful instrument designed to assess moisture in various materials, with a measurement range from 0.00 to 1.00 aw. With its ability to store up to 99 measurement values, it offers high traceability and facilitates comparative analyses. This functionality promotes efficiency in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In addition, the included software allows real-time measurements and data transfer directly to the computer, optimising the process of analysis and information storage.

    - Measuring range 0.00 ... 1.00 aw
    - Resolution 0.01 aw
    - Accuracy ±0.02 aw
    - Memory for 99 measurements
    - Includes 5 x sample dishes
    - Backlit LC display
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    (Incl. Tax: €1,189.38)
  7. PCE Intruments PCE-BPH 10 Water analysis meter with automatic temperature compensation

    With the table-top water analysis meter it is possible to carry out quick and precise analysis of the pH concentration of liquid samples. For example, with the water analysis meter it is possible to check alkaline solutions, water, wine, milk and many other liquids for the pH content. The table water analysis meter has a measuring range of -2 … +19.999 pH. With the temperature probe of the water analysis meter it is also possible to determine the temperature of the sample. This is particularly important as the pH measurement is highly temperature dependent. This means that both manual and automatic temperature compensation is possible with the water analysis meter.
    - Measuring range between -2 ... +19.999 pH
    - USB and Bluetooth interface
    - Live viewing software
    - Memory for 300 measured values
    - 3 point calibration
    - Automatic temperature compensation
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    (Incl. Tax: €914.88)
  8. PCE Intruments PCE-PH20HTE easy to use water analyzer to determine the pH value

    The PCE-PH20HTE water analyzer was developed for the direct determination of the pH value of liquids and aqueous solutions with temperatures up to +100 °C. With the help of the water analyzer you can quickly and accurately measure the pH value.
    - Water resistant (IP 67)
    - PCE-PH-HTE electrode
    - High accuracy
    - Auto power off to save battery
    - Calibration solutions included
    - pH measurement up to 100°C
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    (Incl. Tax: €195.08)
  9. PCE Intruments PCE-PWT 10 Water Analysis Meter pocket size conductivity tester - smallest measuring range 20µS/cm

    The water analysis meter is a good solution for anyone who wants to check the conductivity of ultrapure water. This water analysis meter is a compact device with an integrated temperature sensor for optimum temperature compensation. Among other things, the water analysis meter has a very low measuring range of only 0 ... 20 μS / cm.
    - smallest measuring range up to 20 µS/cm
    - compact design
    - automatic temperature compensation
    - salinity measurement
    - internal three-point calibration
    - changeable electrode
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    (Incl. Tax: €182.88)
  10. PCE Intruments PCE 228 Water Analysis Meter Measures pH, redox and temperature

    The PCE-228 water analysis meter is an easy-to-use handheld device for measuring pH, mV and °C. With the PCE-228 water analysis meter, both temperature and pH values can be directly stored onto a SD card (in Excel format), or transferred to a PC through an RS-232 interface. An optional software and data cable for the PCE-228 water analysis meter are available as accessories to transfer data to a computer. Temperature compensation in the PCE-228 water analysis meter can be done manually or automatically by way of the temperature sensor which is included
    - Good price-performance ratio
    - SD memory card (up to16 GB)
    - Measured values are directly saved in the SD
      card as an Excel file
    - RS-232 interface for real time data transference
    - Measures pH values, redox, conductivity, salt
      content, oxygen and temperature
    - High accuracy
    - Low battery indication
    - Large LCD display
    - Adjustment of the measurement rate
    - Easy-to-use
    - Solid enclosure
    - Includes pH PE 03 electrode and a stainless steel temperature sensor
    - Automatic calibration
    - Manual or automatic temperature compensation
    - BNC connector
    - Suitable for measurements in laboratories and
      on site
    - Optional redox electrode
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    (Incl. Tax: €363.44)
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