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NORDMANN Werkzeugueberbachung
Nordmann is a German company specialising in the metalworking industry. Using various sensors, it is able to measure and monitor the forces occurring during the machining of products with extreme precision, so that the production process is safe and reliable.
A very practical example can be found in the machine tool sector, where users using the force measurement system developed by Nordmann are able to determine tool wear during the machining of parts. In a nutshell, by continuously monitoring the forces that are generated by the tools during the machining of products, when it reaches a previously set maximum force, it is able to signal and send a signal to the machine tool to cause it to stop before the tool breaks, thus avoiding scrap parts, machine stoppages and damage to mechanical parts.
We can safely say that Nordmann products can be installed on all machinery, in all sectors of the metalworking industry, and for end users who want to keep them efficient, safe, in all manufacturing sectors, from textiles to food, chemicals, agriculture and energy, where the end user who produces and owns any machinery, wants to produce and keep track of their efficiency, reliability, precision, guaranteeing in turn the full satisfaction of the end customer's requirements.
Nordmann customer references
Nordmann has installed its products in the production departments of prestigious companies in various sectors, to name but a few examples:
Aviation: Austrian Airlines
Automotive: Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Volkswagen
Machine tool manufacturers: Chiron, Citizen, Gildemeister, Index, Mikron, Riello, Schuette
Bearings: FAG, Schaeffer, SKF
Hydraulics: Voss, Danfoss, Rexroth Stars
IT: Hewlewtt Packard
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  1. Nordmann BDA-Kralle Force measurement sensor for tool wear monitoring

    Sensor for monitoring tool wear through expansion of the air gap. During machining, the component on which the sensor is mounted undergoes deflection, which is measured and checked during each cycle. The extreme control accuracy and sensitivity of the sensor allows unmanned machine operation in many cases. Linked with the companies' management and production programmes, it is an excellent product for man-machine communication.

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