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FAMI S.r.l.

Your Partner for Industrial Storage. Fami Storage Systems specialises in the production of professional furniture for industry, workshops and warehouses.
Design is carried out with functionality, applicability and engineering in mind, starting with technological research and product analysis. The long experience and knowledge of materials processing and industrial processes is thus aimed at the creation of unique lines and machinery for the production of articles with high quality standards that distinguish FAMI worldwide.
Discover FAMI's metal furniture products including warehouse trolleys, metal shelving, work benches, office cabinets, tool and work tool chests, CNC tool holder systems, workshop equipment, tool holder systems and office furniture.

FERM Power Tools

FERM is a Dutch brand, designs and develops high-quality power tools for use in sawing, drilling, sanding, cutting, grinding and milling. All FERM products are CE-certified and extensively tested according to the latest directives, and their quality is backed up by a modern, attractive and ergonomic design. Ferm offers and angle grinders, belt sanders, screwdriver drills, hand-held drills, impact wrenches, planers, hammer drills, combination hammers, wall groovers, bench drills, compressors, bench grinders, battery chargers, blowers, tilting belt sanders, demolition hammers, vertical milling machines, orbital or random orbital sanders, hot air guns spray guns, electric staplers, gas welders, electric tunnellers, portable mini grinders, assemblers, electric paint mixers, metal cut-off machines, hot glue guns, circular saws, arc welders, radial cut-off machines, jigsaws, circular table saws, delta sanders, belt files, wall groovers, impact drills, trolleys and platforms.


Floorwash is a Made in Italy company that designs, builds and distributes in the world of floorwashers powered by both battery and 220 Volts, used by many individuals, service companies, food and beverage, health care, manufacturing and industrial companies, show rooms, gyms. Buy the FB25, FB35, FB45, F25, F35, VB2 Electric Sweeper, MB38 Sweeper, SV28 Floorwash, Accessories, brushes for different types of floors and spare parts.

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  1. FERM ATA1033 - Compressor hose reels 9 m - pressure 8 bar - weight 3.25 kg

    Compressed air hose reel with quick couplings DIN and ORION.

    3 years of warran

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    Special Price €80.93 Regular Price €107.90
    (Incl. Tax: €98.73)
  2. FERM BGM1021 - Wet and dry bench grinder 250W, no-load speed 2950 rpm, grinding wheel size 150x20 mm

    Benchtop grinding machine with (dry) P36 and (wet) P80 grinding stones for various applications, watertight switch for longer service life, grinding wheel protection shield, PRCD safety plug, front grinding wheel supports, mountable on work tables, 3-year warranty.

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    Special Price €98.03 Regular Price €130.70
    (Incl. Tax: €119.60)
  3. FERM WEM1042 - Arc welder 230V - Welding current 40-100A - Open circuit voltage 48V - Complete with accessories

    Arc welder with thermal protection with control lamp, forced ventilation for continuous use, adjustable welding current for optimum welding results, complete with welding hammer and welding mask, 3-year warranty.

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    Special Price €162.38 Regular Price €216.50
    (Incl. Tax: €198.10)
  4. FERM TTM1028 - Load carrier - Capacity 225 kg - Shovel dimensions 350x180 mm - Height 1195 mm

    Hand trolley for easy transport, can carry loads up to 225 kg, wheels with bearings and inflatable tyres, 3-year warranty.

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    Special Price €88.76 Regular Price €118.34
    (Incl. Tax: €108.29)
  5. FERM SGM1006 Portable gas welder - Welding temperature 375°C - Weight 0.67 kg - Complete with accessories

    Gas soldering iron for precise soldering, heat shrinking, hot cutting, lighting barbecues and fireplaces, for domestic use, etc.

    Case that protects and keeps the machine and accessories clean, this soldering iron uses standard lighter gas, charging time per fill: 35 minutes.

    3-year warranty.

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    Special Price €62.19 Regular Price €77.74
    (Incl. Tax: €75.87)
  6. FERM BJM1009 - Assembler 900W, no-load speed 11000 rpm, blade diameter 100mm - Complete with accessories

    FERM assembler with aluminium base plate for an accurate and professional result, ideal for assembling and cutting with precision, easy adjustment of angle and material thickness, quick insertion of all standard dowel types, 0-10 and 20, shaft lock function for easy blade change, 3 m long power cord, 3 year warranty

    - For creating precise joints and sawing parquet along walls
    - Easy adjustment of angle and material thickness
    - Aluminium base plate
    - Spindle lock function
    - Transport case

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    Special Price €96.45 Regular Price €128.60
    (Incl. Tax: €117.67)
  7. FERM PMM1006 - Mixer for paint, glue and similar substances 1400W, 2 speeds - Complete with whisk, spanners and carbon brushes

    - Adjustable speed in 2 positions and soft start for optimal mixing of materials
    - Ideal for mixing paint, glue and similar substances
    - Wide handle for optimal working comfort and maximum safety
    - Variable speed control to optimise performance and eliminate splashing during use
    - 3 m long power cable
    - Built according to CE directives

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    Special Price €132.60 Regular Price €176.80
    (Incl. Tax: €161.77)
  8. FERM PRM1015 Electric vertical milling machine 1300 W - Rotation speed 9000-30000 rpm - Max. milling depth 60 mm - Complete with accessories

    Vertical milling machine with soft grips for optimal working comfort, depth adjustment for precision work, 0.1 mm adjustment accuracy, electronic speed control, 2 LEDs for workspace illumination, dust extraction nozzle, 3 m long power cord, 3-year warranty.

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    Special Price €117.45 Regular Price €156.60
    (Incl. Tax: €143.29)
  9. FERM EFM1001 - Electric belt file 400W complete with accessories, belt speed 1070-1650 m/min, belt size 455x8x13mm

    This EFM1001 precision belt sander is extremely convenient and suitable for precision work thanks to its variable speed control.
    Whether wood, metal, ceramic, plaster or plastic, this machine will handle it all! The 3-metre long cable guarantees a high degree of freedom of movement and control while working. The machine comes with three different sanding arms and a set of 12 sanding belts in a sturdy case. 

    Built according to CE directives.

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    Special Price €95.10 Regular Price €126.80
    (Incl. Tax: €116.02)
  10. FERM TTM1027 - Platform trolley for load transport with 150 kg load-bearing capacity - Load-bearing dimensions 734x480 mm

    Platform trolley, for transporting large objects and loads up to 150 kg, foldable for easy storage, 3-year warranty.

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    Special Price €73.02 Regular Price €91.28
    (Incl. Tax: €89.08)
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