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Thickness gauges

Thickness gauges

The feeler gauge is a measuring instrument used in industry and mechanical technology, capable of measuring thickness and offering maximum rigidity, accuracy and handling.

Analogue and digital feeler gauges can be used on all kinds of surfaces: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and even non-metallic materials. Digital feeler gauges are particularly suitable for quality control.

Available with IP protection ratings (IP40, IP54, IP65, IP67) against accidental penetration of dirt, foreign bodies and liquids as required.

Possibility to purchase with Accredia certification or calibration report.

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  1. 1559131 Centesimal thickness gauge Digitronic PLUS Series - Throat depth 30mm - Accuracy ± 0.02 - IP40 - With inspection certificate

    Digital rapid feeler gauges, designed for maximum rigidity and accuracy. Other types of contacts (M 2.5) can be mounted on the dial gauge shaft only. Supplied with inspection certificate.

    Technical data:

    Dust and water jet protection: IP40
    Read-out: on 11 mm LCD display
    Measuring pressure: ≤ 1,2 N
    Measurement type: height, roundness, concentricity, oscillation, flatness
    Data output: USB
    Auto ON/OFF
    Dimension hold
    dimension hold
    minimum value search
    maximum and delta
    reversing counting direction
    altitude hold

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