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Professional calipers for use in science and quality control. From analogue slide gauges (for depth, internal, external and height measurements) to digital, clocked, carbon fibre, groove and special beaks. We have various special calibres with dust and immersion protection.

Also available with certification.


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  1. 4103402 Digital gauge Mahr Series, with wireless data output, measuring range 0-150, depth rod 3.8x1.3, IP67

    Mahr series digital caliper with wireless data transmission. Superior mechanics made of hardened stainless steel, with lapped guides for smooth running.

    Immediate measurements without the need to reset the instrument thanks to the REFERENCE system.

    Supplied complete with battery case, i-Stick wireless receiver for connection of up to 8 instruments with MarCom Professional software.

    Type: Electronic-Digital

    Standard: DIN862

    Display: 11mm high contrast LCD display

    Measurement type: Exterior, Interior , Depth, Height

    Counting error: ± 1 digit

    Protection against dust and water jets: IP67

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  2. 2311000 MicroMet Series screw-lock slide caliper - Without roller for micrometric feed - Measuring range 0-100mm

    Calibro a corsoio serie MicroMet con bloccaggio a vite senza rotella per avanzamento micrometrico.   

    I calibri MicoMet sono realizzati in acciaio inossidabile temprato, con rotella per avanzamento micrometrico, con scala e nonio cromati opachi. Superfici di contatto lappate. Fornito completo di astuccio.

    • Senza rotella per avanzamento micrometrico
    • Tipologia: Analogico-Orologio
    • Norma DIN: 862
    • Precisione ±: 0,05
    • Asta di profondità: 3,8 x 1,4
    • Tipo di misurazione: Esterni, Interni, Profondità, Altezza
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