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Wide range of analogue gauges, digital gauges, special gauges, special-pocket gauges, centesimal gauges, depth gauges, stainless steel gauges, digital gauges with metal case, digital thickness gauges, digital gear gauges, digital long-pocket gauges, line gauges, carbon fibre gauges, workshop gauges, clock gauges, groove gauges, housings, gauge accessories...

Available with IP ratings (IP40, IP54, IP65, IP67) against accidental ingress of dirt, foreign bodies and liquids as required.

In this section you will also find various types of squares, calibrated scales and spirit levels with different types of vials and combinations such as spirit levels, magnetic spirit levels, professional spirit levels, linear spirit levels, spirit levels with rare earth magnet systems, spirit levels with vertical vials, spirit levels with horizontal vials, electronic spirit levels, spirit levels with ferrite magnets, telescopic spirit levels, high quality spirit levels, spirit levels with R-profile, spirit level bags, aluminium spirit levels, hobby spirit levels, DIY spirit levels, spirit levels for stakes, spirit levels with flexible tubes, cross spirit levels. ..

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  1. 5310700 Digital spirit level Digitronic series

    Livella digitale, serie Digitronic goniometro a 360° ed inclinometro.

    Lettura digitale immediata rispetto ad un piano di riferimento per tutti i 360° (4x90°).

    Possibilità di azzeramento in qualsiasi posizione.

    Pulsante di blocco quota. Modo di calibrazione manuale.

    Basi di appoggio piana e con cava a “V” ed inserti magnetici.

    Corpo in alluminio.

    Display LCD 2,2" retroilluminato con altezza cifre 12,5 mm e visualizzazione sempre diritta (ruotando la livella i numeri appariranno sempre dritti).

    Spegnimento automatico.

    Fornita con custodia.

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    Special Price €120.00 Regular Price €158.00
  2. 4103402 Digital gauge Mahr Series, with wireless data output, measuring range 0-150, depth rod 3.8x1.3, IP67

    Mahr series digital caliper with wireless data transmission. Superior mechanics made of hardened stainless steel, with lapped guides for smooth running.

    Immediate measurements without the need to reset the instrument thanks to the REFERENCE system.

    Supplied complete with battery case

    Type: Electronic-Digital

    Standard: DIN862

    Display: 11mm high contrast LCD display

    Measurement type: Exterior, Interior , Depth, Height

    Counting error: ± 1 digit

    Protection against dust and water jets: IP67


    Available on request i-Stick wireless receiver for connection of up to 8 instruments with MarCom Professional software. COD. RP-4102220

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    Special Price €217.00 Regular Price €240.00
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Items 1-10 of 379

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