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  1. Levenhuk 61024 Digital Microscope DTX 500 with LCD display and USB to study samples, magnification: 20x, 200x, 500x, Digital camera 5Mpx

    - 3.5"" color LCD display
    - Support of microSD cards with capacity up to 32 Gb
    - PC connection via USB 2.0 interface
    - AV output for connecting to TV or projector
    - Able to take photos/videos
    - Automatic exposure and white balance
    - 8 white LEDs with adjustable brightness
    - 4x digital zoom
    - Li-ion rechargeable battery
    - Comes with special software for measuring linear sizes, areas, angles and radiuses of studied samples
    - Сompatible with Windows and Mac OS
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    (Incl. Tax: €229.95)
  2. Levenhuk 73795 Biological monocular laboratory microscope with LED illumination, magnification: 40–1600x

    Levenhuk 320 PLUS is a professional laboratory microscope with a monocular head. Due to the achromatic optics and wide-angle eyepieces with a pointer, specialists in research laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, and scientific and research institutions highly appreciate its possibilities. The microscope is suitable for performing observations in various scientific fields and can be applied for pathologo-anatomic, urological, and other research.


    • Inclined monocular head, 360° rotatable
    • Magnification range: 40–1600x
    • Achromatic objectives, wide-angle eyepieces with a pointer
    • 0.75W LED illumination with brightness adjustment
    • Powered by an AC supply or batteries
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    (Incl. Tax: €319.95)
  3. Levenhuk 78165 Digital and portable USB microscope Discovery Artisan 1024 for applied work. 4″ LCD screen, digital camera: 5Mpx, magnification: 10–300x

    - Magnification: 10–300x (with a digital zoom: 10–1200x)
    - 4″ rotatable color LCD screen
    - Upper LED illumination with brightness adjustment
    - Built-in polarizing filter
    - Can be connected to a computer or TV
    - Ability to record videos and take pictures and transmit an image to an external screen
    - Image processing software with a measurement function
    - Portable design; powered by a battery or an AC power supply
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    (Incl. Tax: €259.96)
  4. Levenhuk 78903 Digital Microscope LCD screen 7" model D95L, magnification 40x–2000x, 2Mpx digital camera, achromatic optics, LED illumination with a collector lens

    Levenhuk D95L LCD is a digital microscope for studying transparent samples. Due to its digital camera, the microscope serves for visual observations as well as photo and video recording. It also has a 7"" LCD screen instead of a standard head, which significantly increases the user's comfort for long observations. The microscope is aimed at amateurs and professional researchers.

    Key features
    - Digital camera 2Mpix; 7""LCD screen
    - Optical (40x–1000x) and digital (up to 2000x) magnification
    - Achromatic objectives, adjustable lower illumination
    - Light field observations and oil immersion technique
    - AC power supply
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    (Incl. Tax: €679.95)
  5. Levenhuk 75420 Binocular Microscope 400B, achromatic objectives and LED light with a collector, magnification: 40–1000x

    Levenhuk 400B is a binocular laboratory microscope for professional work for a microbiologist, medical worker, veterinarian, ornithologist, ecologist, or biochemist. This universal model can be used for bright field research as well as for research using oil immersion. This microscope features a reliable metal body, high-quality achromatic optics and bright LED light with a collector.

    - Binocular laboratory microscope, rotatable angled head
    - Observations in the bright field in incident light, oil immersion
    - Achromatic wide-field optics, magnification from 40x to 1000x
    - LED light with a collector and brightness adjustment
    - Metal body, standard eyepiece barrel diameter
    - Power supply is variable: by batteries or AC power supply
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    (Incl. Tax: €399.95)
  6. Levenhuk 78160 USB Microscope Discovery Artisan 32 for high-precision work, jewelry work and clock repairing magnification 10–300x, digital camera 5Mpx

    Levenhuk Discovery Artisan 32 is a digital microscope with a special stand. This device is perfect for high-precision work, e.g. numismatics purposes, jewelry work, clock repairing as well as home use. To view the image under the microscope on an external screen, you must connect the microscope to your PC via a USB cable and install the software (both included). The microscope enables taking and editing images and videos, measuring linear sizes, diameters, radii, and other dimensions.


    • 5 Mpx digital camera with the 2592x1944pix maximum frame resolution
    • Magnification: 10-300x; focus: 0-150 mm
    • Upper backlight (8 white LEDs) with adjustable brightness
    • Photo, video recording, and object measurement functions
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
    • Professional stand and a stage with measuring scales and clips
    • Can be used without a stand; powered with a USB cable
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    (Incl. Tax: €129.94)
  7. Levenhuk 75075 Digital Microscope DTX 700 LCD with USB connection, LCD screen and a 5M camera, magnification: 10–300x

    Levenhuk DTX 700 LCD Digital Microscope is suitable for working with jewelry pieces, electronic plates, minerals, coins, and sections of metals. This microscope is also useful for home use, e.g. for studying insects and plants. Levenhuk DTX 700 LCD is equipped with an LCD screen, that reduces eyestrain during lengthy work, and it is more comfortable than looking through an eyepiece of a standard microscope.

    - Digital microscope with a 5M camera and a color LCD screen
    - LED illumination with brightness adjustment
    - Built-in polarizing filter
    - Ability to record images and videos; an image is transmitted to an external screen
    - Image processing software with measurement function
    - Powered by an AC power supply or the built-in battery
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    (Incl. Tax: €279.95)
  8. Levenhuk 76056 Binocular Stereo microscope ZOOM 1B with a zoom objective and 235mm working distance, magnification: 7-45x

    Levenhuk ZOOM 1B is an instrumental microscope with a large working distance. It is convenient for studying geological samples, jewelry, biological objects, textiles, circuit boards, and small mechanisms. This microscope can also be used for hobbies and professional activities, e.g. in a service center or watch workshop.

    - Stereoscopic (3D) image
    - Smooth variable magnification in the range from 7 to 45 times
    - Rotatable binocular head inclined at 45°
    - Large working distance: 235mm
    - Dual LED light with brightness adjustment and an AC power supply
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    (Incl. Tax: €539.95)
  9. Levenhuk 76821 Wireless Remote Controlled Microscope for working with jewelry, watch mechanisms, electronic circuit boards, digital magnification 3–220x

    Levenhuk DTX RC1 Remote Controlled Microscope is a modern optical digital device that is indispensable when working with jewelry, watch mechanisms, electronic circuit boards, and other small and complex objects. Thanks to the wireless remote control, the main functions of the microscope can be used at a considerable distance from it. This is especially convenient during presentations and group research.


    • Optical and digital magnification
    • 4.3"" color LCD screen
    • Ability to capture images and videos in high quality
    • Can be connected to a computer and allows for viewing an image on the computer screen
    • LED spotlights on flexible holders and built-in upper lighting
    • Remotely controlled using a wireless remote control
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    (Incl. Tax: €149.94)
  10. Levenhuk 74768 Digital USB microscope DTX 350 LCD with an LCD screen and a 0.3MP camera, magnification: 20–300x

    Levenhuk DTX 350 LCD Microscope is designed for conducting applied research. It can be used for observing volume objects (coins, seeds, insects). Levenhuk DTX 350 LCD is easy-to-use and perfect for studies or as a hobby and can be used for professional activity.

    - Digital microscope with a 4.3"" LCD screen
    - Magnification: from 20 to 300x
    - Ability to record videos and take pictures
    - Can be connected to a projector or computer
    - Suitable for measuring the distance, square, angles, and radii of the observed objects
    - Image processing software is included
    - Powered by a built-in battery or via a computer USB port
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    (Incl. Tax: €149.95)
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