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  1. FERM COM1007P Metal cut-off machine 220-240V with quick release vice and Ø355 mm blade, 2300W, no-load speed 4000 rpm

    The Ferm COM1007P cutting saw offers the power every professional needs to get the job done correctly and efficiently. The powerful 2300 watt motor produces a no-load speed of 4000 rpm and cuts pipes, tubing, shaped steel, metal bars etc. with ease.

    Thanks to the adjustable rear fence, you can set the machine at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees, so you can saw in different directions. This 14" professional saw is equipped with a spindle lock for easy blade change, an adjustable spark deflector and a lock button to prevent accidental start-up. The workpiece is clamped with a quick-release vice. Ferm Professional COM1007P comes with a blade (suitable for metal) and a spanner to start working immediately!

    Built according to CE directives.

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    Special Price €258.80 Regular Price €323.50
  2. AIRCRAFT 2404670 - Seghetto lima universale pneumatico con raccordo girevole max spessore lamiera 1,6 mm/alluminio 3,2 mm - Modello US-C PRO

    SEGHETTO LIMA UNIVERSALE (Con raccordo girevole)

    - Per uso professionale principalmente nell’industria automobilistica e metallurgica.
    - Impugnatura gommata ed ergonomica con proprietà di isolamento dal freddo, antiscivolo e assorbimento delle vibrazioni.
    - Guidalama sicuro con arresto.
    - Leva di sicurezza contro l’accensione involontaria.
    - Peso leggero grazie all’alloggiamento in materiale composito resistente agli urti.
    - Scarico aria posteriore.
    - Ottima mobilità grazie al raccordo girevole dell’ingresso aria.
    - Max. Lunghezza (prodotto) (conlama sega) ca. 300 mm.
    - Costruito in conformità con le normative europee CE.

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  3. AIRCRAFT 2404640 - Mini seghetto-lima universale corsa 10mm AIRCRAFT, velocità 7500rpm, consumo d'aria 200 l/min - Modello USF Mini

    - Per tagliare plastica, legno, alluminio e Plexiglas
    - Leva di sicurezza per evitare accensioni accidentali
    - Utensile leggero ideale per lavorazioni in spazi ristretti
    - Adatto per il settore automobilistico, officine, carrozzerie, per la lavorazione dei metalli e della lamiera
    - Guidalama sicuro con arresto
    - Impugnatura in gomma, alloggiamento in materiale composito molto
    - Scarico aria posteriore
    - Bassa rumorosità grazie al tubo di scarico silenziato

    DOTAZIONE DI SERIE (2° immagine):

    - Kit lime 5 pezzi FS 5: 1 rotonda - 1 mezza tonda - 1 triangolare - 1 piatta - 1 quadrata

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  4. FERM CSM1039 - Circular saw 1200W for wood, plasterboard, plastic, aluminium and tiles, no-load speed 5500 rpm, blade size Ø185x20 mm

    Cut comfortably and precisely with the FERM CSM1039 circular saw. Depending on the blade fitted, the machine can be used with different materials such as wood, plasterboard, plastic, aluminium and tiles. Thanks to the adjustable footboard, the machine can be used for cutting angles between 45 and 90 degrees. The saw is equipped with a parallel guide for precise cutting results and an ergonomic handle. Thanks to the extra-long 3-metre power cable, operation is optimal.

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    Special Price €96.64 Regular Price €120.80
  5. FERM CSM1043 Precision circular saw 500W for aluminium, laminate, plastic and tiles, blade Ø85mm, dust extraction nozzle included

    This powerful and compact FERM CSM1043 precision circular saw is suitable for many sawing jobs. It is equipped with a powerful 500 W motor and is suitable for saw blades with a diameter of 85 mm. With the right blade, the FERM CSM1043 cuts almost all materials, e.g. aluminium, laminate, plastic and tiles. The cutting depth of the machine is adjustable up to 22 mm. By connecting the supplied vacuum hose to the machine, you can work dust-free on the job.

    The CSM1043 circular saw is equipped with a parallel guide, adjustable speed and cutting depth. This allows you to make longer and more precise cuts. Thanks to the extra-long 3-metre power cable, operation is optimal. In addition, it is equipped with an extra side handle for better control and precise work. Comes with 3 blades, dust extraction adapter, Allen key, parallel guide and an extra handle so you can start working with a variety of jobs right away!

    Built according to CE directives.

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    Special Price €137.28 Regular Price €171.60
  6. FERM JSM1026 - Cordless jigsaw 12V 1.5 Ah Li-Ion for wood, metal and plastic - Supplied with charger, two blades and case

    FERM cordless jigsaw ideal for short, curved or straight cuts at high speed. A practical and compact saw suitable for sawing wood, metal and plastic, and various materials. Supplied in a practical case containing a 12V-1.5Ah lithium-ion battery, a charger and two saw blades.

    - Ergonomic design with 'soft grip' for maximum working comfort
    - 45° cutting angle adjustment for precision work
    - 4-position adjustable pendulum movement for increased cutting performance
    - Equipped with dust extraction connection
    - 3 m long power cable
    - Built according to CE directives

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    Special Price €89.20 Regular Price €111.50
  7. FERM JSM1030 - Jigsaw 550W, max. wood saw capacity 65 mm, tilt adjustment 0-45°

    - Mains voltage 230-240V~, 50Hz
    - Power consumption 550W
    - No-load speed 0-3,000/min.
    - Inclination adjustment 0-45°
    - Saw capacity wood max. 65 mm

    - Lock-on switch
    - Quick release blade holder
    - Variable electronic speed
    - Variable 45° mitre cut adjustment
    - Dust extraction outlet
    - Includes: Parallel guide - Hexagonal spanner - Vacuum cleaner adapter - T-mount saw blade
    - 2m cable
    - Built according to CE directives

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