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Metal machine tools

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  1. UNICRAFT 6300020 - Hydraulic press adjustable in 10 positions with manual hydraulic pump and sliding side cylinder, compression force 20t, model WPP 20 E

    Hydraulic press model WPP 20 E.

    Versatile use in various sectors.

    The efficient design of this series allows an excellent price-performance ratio.

    The integrated and standardised return spring allows a larger working space.

    Safe working method: the piston can be stopped in any position.

    Robust welded and drilled frame to adjust the height of the lower table in as many as 10 positions.

    Built-in hydraulic pump, manually activated.

    Complete with pressure gauge for pressure control.

    Sliding side cylinder.

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  2. UNICRAFT 6204000 - Cabin blasting machine for cleaning and removal of different types of materials, cabin volume 90 litres, model SSK1

    Sandblasting machine model SSK1.

    Sandblasting cabin suitable for different types of materials (e.g. quartz, glass spheres, plastic spheres, etc).

    Perfect for cleaning or removing rust or paint from metals of all kinds (engine parts, crankcases, crowns, hinges, etc).

    High quality latex gloves firmly attached to the frame.

    Equipped with lid with safety window and protective film for excellent visibility and safety while working.

    Lid and door fitted with seals to protect the work area from dust.

    Sturdy support surface for positioning workpieces inside the cabin.

    Drain plug for changing materials and suction hose plus external compressed air connection.

    Rubber feet to prevent slipping and ensure stability.

    Cover easily opened by rotary switch.

    Cabin drain fitted with filter.

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