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Drill chucks

What is a quick-action drill chucks? It is a tool with three jaws mounted on drills, machining centres, screwdrivers, lathe tailstocks, milling machines, which, actuated by various mechanical mechanisms, acting on the three jaws or claws, cause tools, drills or milling cutters to be clamped concentrically to the axis of rotation of the chuck. The quick-action drill chucks consists mainly of two main parts: the shank or nose and the mechanism with the jaws for clamping the tool.

ROHM and LTF keyless chucks have a wide range of applications that can be divided into: 
- Manual and cordless power tools: hand drills, cordless drills, pneumatic drills, manual angle drills, screwdrivers, impact drills for the construction field, mechanic's drills.
- Machine tools: drill presses, lathes, milling cutters, machining centres, multitasking.

Shank types or quick-action drill chucks connection:
- Conical shank type B DIN238/1: B10, B12, B16, B18, B22, B24.
- Conical shank type J Jason UNI 5887/66: J1, J2, J6
- Threaded shank with or without screw: 1/2"-20, 3/8"-24, 5/8"-16
- SDS-Plus Roehm connection.

How to choose a Quick-action drill chucks
The criteria determining the choice of chuck can be different, the following parameters must be taken into account:
- Tools used with the quick-action keyless chuck for machining
- Frequency of use
- Material to be used with the tool
- Precision of machining
- Rigidity and precision of the machine tool

These conditions lead to the most important choice and cost we should make when purchasing our keyless chuck. On a scale of 1 to 10, if the above-mentioned characteristics are at a low level, it is advisable to use extremely inexpensive drill chucks, as the lack of precision, rigidity, and frequency of use (perhaps even just for hobby use) make the purchase of a high quality product uneconomic.
If, on the other hand, the quick-action keyless chuck should be a professional product, in that all the features listed are at a high level, the equipment must always perform well, and your business must always guarantee a high level of service to your customers, all you have left to do is turn to Tadaah so that we can provide you with the exact product and make you, above all, happy with your purchase.

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